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Slope Stability Monitoring

Landslides or mudslides are major safety threats. Monitoring slope stability in real time gives us information on the risk of landslides, generate early warning and prevent disasters. Our system can be used to monitor the slopes next to road, railway, tunnels and pipelines, tailing dams in the mining industry, hydraulic dams, dykes, and cliff slopes near residents and heritage sites.

How it works

The ambient seismic data collected by Symroc’s system correlates with the changes in moisture content saturation indicators like pore pressure, engineers can identify in real time failure indicators such as micro seismic events before landslides. Early warning system can be set up by setting thresholds.

Key Benefits

  • High Resolution the sensor can detect very low frequency signals accurately. This allows us to distinguish ambient seismic changes from major seismic events.

  • Real Time Data View failure indicator in real time wirelessly, useful for landslides or structural failure early warning.

  • Surface installation No deep borehole required. Minimal disturbance to the environment and saves time to install. Each installation can be completed within hours.

  • Large Coverage Area Although dense network increases resolution, each station can be placed as far as 10kms apart.

  • Low Maintenance Each station can be powered by 100W solar panel. Instrument can be left on in the field for years without regular maintenance or part change.

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