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Facility Preventive Maintenance 

Large equipment in mining such as grinding mills and crushers have high maintenance and downtime cost, and malfunctioning machines are dangerous to workers. Monitoring the vibration signal generated by these machines can be used to predict and diagnose mechanical failures, which allows predictive maintenance, schedule downtimes to optimize operation efficiency, extend equipment useful life, and prevent accidents.

Rotating machines such as mining ore grinding machines, CNC machines generate vibration signals when operating. Vibration monitoring gives engineers a tool to monitor the overall health of their equipment in real time, detect potential failures before it happens, and diagnose the cause of defects.

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Key Benefits

Frequency Range Can monitor the widest range of frequencies, from 0.3 Hz to 1600Hz.

High Resolution High accuracy data up to 32 Bit digitization.

Signal to Noise Distinguish active source signals from ambient signals, less false alarms.

Real Time Data can be transmitted in real time wirelessly

Remote Access Data accessible online via our software, web based interface or emailed reports.

Hassle-free Installation Installation within hours, easy to remove or relocate. Does not require additional data transmission or digitization devices. Can be left on after one-time installation, no regular maintenance or parts replacement required.

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