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Sparse Surface Array Microseismic Monitoring

Microseismic monitoring of hydraulic fracturing stimulations is a very useful tool to help understand the interactions between geology, fluids and well completions. 

Most monitoring surveys involve downhole instruments in nearby wells. These can be very expensive and can interfere with completion operations. They do benefit from being close to the formation of interest, detecting very low amplitude events and giving good vertical resolution. The associated cost limits the number of downhole surveys that most companies are willing to undertake. In addition, the sparsity of special sampling can greatly limit the use of the downhole data for completion engineering and geoscience analysis.

Symroc’s Sparse Surface Array Microseismic Monitoring solution is an economical way to get most information that a downhole survey provides while only a fraction of the cost. 

How it works
  1. Network design: Symroc team will design a customized monitoring solution for your project to make sure the client receives the best value of their investment. During the free consultations, we will determine the number and locations of the stations based on the size of the monitoring area, as well as device attachment scheme and monitoring duration. For optimum accuracy, each station covers over an area 16 square kilometers on surface and up to 4 km in depth.

  2. Field Installation Each station can be installed typically within 2 hours. Installation service is included and provided by Symroc’s field crew. Training is also available for overseas installations.

  3. Monitoring during stimulation Near real-time time synced data is transmitted wirelessly through LTE network onto Symroc or the client’s own server for viewing and download. 

  4. Accessing Data Your geoscientist or engineer can view the real time triaxial velocity, acceleration and displacement status of the asset in real time using Symroc’s software or using our web-based interface. 

  5. Use of Data: Ownership of data acquired remains with the clients. The client can choose to download data of any specific time for their own analysis. 

  6. Other Services: As a team of geoscientists, engineers, and software experts. Symroc can provide additional services beyond data acquisition. Other services such as custom interface design, daily report, events alert etc. are available as add-on services. Data processing, visualization is also available using our strategic partner’s ASC’s microseismic software Insite, learn more.

Key benefits 
  • Cost saving Our surface sparse arrays are significantly more cost effective than downhole arrays while providing competitively satisfactory results. The client can monitor 80% more locations with the same investment.

  • Installation within hours. Can be easily deployed, removed, or relocated. 

  • Surface Deployment. Stations can be freely positioned on the surface. No seismic lines or deep bore holes required, environmentally friendly deployment.

  • Wireless. No messy cables for power or data transmission

  • Long-term monitoring. Long-term deployment with arrays that can monitor many pads over a season

  • 3D event locating. Excellent spatial event locations.

  • No spatial bias as seen in downhole surveys.

  • Source Mechanism Analysis Gives good azimuthal data for moment tensor analysis of source mechanisms 

  • Real time data. Real-time high-resolution data allowing accurate and safe operations

  • No downtime. Does not interfere with field operations

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