Initially, we were a team that worked in the oil and gas field and progressed to becoming engineering project consultants. We began to notice two main issues within the field:


1) Lack of bandwidth quality in Seismic and Vibration

2) Lag of incoming data and analysis


Dedicated to find a solution, we made a significant R&D commitment on Broadband Seismic and Vibration IoT technology. As a result, our patent technology was supported by the National Research Council and several Federal/Provincial agencies. The field validations have proven the advancement of our technology within industries such as industrial vibration, structural monitoring, and seismic monitoring.






Symroc is a unique service and product provider with a strong corporate focus on efficiency and delivering value to our clients.  We understand, we care, and we perform to ensure a job well done every time!


Let us take care of the rocket science, so you can sit back and see the results.





Symroc technology focuses on delivering the highest quality data in vibration and seismic real-time monitoring and analysis. We provide critical insight to support proactive maintenance and efficient operation optimization.

Our purpose is to provide high values to our clients by enhancing production throughput and reducing costly repairs.



Broadband Seismic and High Resolution Vibration Sensing Systems

Symroc sensors cover a wide range of frequencies from 0.01 Hz to 1600 Hz with digital data output in velocity, acceleration, and displacement domains.


Our products deliver real-time, high-density data transmissions to client servers. The ability to suit a range of wireless/ IoT technologies is included.

Product Features
  1. Best broadband data quality with the highest resolution and accuracy for AI

  2. Onboard GPS

  3. Accurate clock trimming

  4. Dynamic range above 120 dB

  5. Easy installation

  6. Compact size



    The Problem

    The industrial vibration sensing is missing the lower frequency range, which affects the accuracy of the results, especially in displacement and stress measurements. There are no broadband sensors that can be easily positioned within the broad detection range.

    • Data acquisition is labour intensive and expensive for high accuracy continuous monitoring.

    • Multiphase flow metering is lacking cost-efficiency and easy of installation.  


    Our Solution

    With Symroc sensing systems, we are able to offer accurate, cost-efficient, and fast data.

    Along with our products, we are able to train AI systems to estimate flow volume and characterization. 


    Our broadband instruments combined with our wireless data transmission technology enable real-time monitoring and recognition of various types of event signals for preventive maintenance. As a result, costly downtimes are reduced immensely. 


    Capabilities of the products

    • Direct and accurate output of displacement values

    • Slug monitoring and control for gas gathering systems

    • Assessment for fatigue stress-induced cracking

    • Pig tracking and monitoring 

    • Geohazard monitoring

    • Pipeline integrity monitoring


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